What Happens When We Have More Women In Charge

2 min readMay 11, 2022


Empowering female tech employees amid the growing number of anti-abortion laws in the U.S.

After almost 50 years since the historic Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, more and more states have been looking for legal loopholes to put in place to make it harder for people to access abortion care. This trend exploded in September 2021 when The Texas Heartbeat Act (SB8), which bans abortions after six weeks, went into effect.

As a female, minority, and immigrant founder of a company that employees people of color across the U.S., I’ve been angry and sad to read the news that abortion laws are now in jeopardy. When I left my home country in South Korea as a young girl, I thought America is the place where women and men are truly equal and women can reach their full potential through their careers.

Guess I was wrong. However, the good news is that now I am in charge. I am in charge of one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. I have the power to protect my people- especially women who refuse to live in fear of forced pregnancies and of having their bodily autonomy ripped away from them.

At TomoCredit, we believe in human rights and we believe in empowering women to be fully in charge of their own bodies, own careers, and own dreams. To help facilitate this TomoCredit will:

  • Cover 100% of legal expenses up to $5,000 if any employee (or their partner) suffers legal issues as a result of anti-abortion laws
  • Contribute up to $2500 towards travel expenses for employees (or their partners) needing to travel out of state for abortion care
  • Contribute up to $2500 for out-of-pocket medical costs for an employee (or their partner) in need of out-of-network abortion care

At TomoCredit women’s rights are human rights and we will continue to empower women everywhere.

Kristy Kim

CEO, TomoCredit