Simplify Your Finances and Your Life in 5 Easy Steps

Simplifying your finances can improve your quality of life by decreasing money-related stress and freeing up time to do the things you love. Everyone has to deal with their finances differently, and some are more organized than others. Every individual would benefit from getting a hold of their spending, budget, and personal finances to live a stress-free life. Below are five tips to simplify your finances so that you can start living your best life now.

  1. Consolidate Bank Accounts and Credit Cards. Check the number of credit cards and bank accounts you have accumulated throughout the years. Most people only need one checking and one savings account, allowing you to simplify all of your finances into one account. This will streamline your bank statements and make it easier to plan your budget, evaluate your finances, and stay organized. Reevaluating the number of credit cards in your wallet and the bank accounts attached will also simplify the organization in your wallet and your online bank account. Cutting back on the number of credit cards will simplify your life and your spending. It would, however, be beneficial to keep some credit cards to build credit and reek the benefits. When picking what card is right for you, it is essential to look at each card’s benefits and evaluate which one offers the most valuable rewards. It is important to ensure that your cards are building credit and have cash back options when finalizing your card decision.
  2. Get Rid of Paperwork. As the world is turning digital, you might want to consider doing the same to all of your finances. Bank statements, water bills, energy bills, etc., primarily have included a paperless billing option which will allow you to handle all of your finances online without the hassle of receiving bills through the mail. This leaves your finances at your fingertips and will keep you organized without keeping track of paper within your home. Companies have rolled out perks for signing up for their paperless option to encourage more customers to join while also giving benefits such as a cut on payment and no added fees. A bonus of going paperless is that you are contributing to saving the trees and the environment.
  3. Pay in Cash. Paying for goods and services when outside the house with cash will allow you to easily budget and track your spending. Using money will allow you to map out your purchases, keep you from overspending, and helps stop impulse buys. Using actual cash will simplify your budget and your credit card bill. This is an excellent tactic to have better peace of mind in knowing you spent what your budget was. Understanding how much cash you have can also include reevaluating your cards’ benefits and seeing if there is a cashback option. This feature will allow you to get cashback on your spending and use it towards other purchases.
  4. Cut Services. Check all of your billing statements and the app store’s subscriptions to evaluate what services you are currently paying for. There are many streaming platforms, app subscriptions, and other memberships that you might be paying for monthly without even knowing it. It is very easy to accidentally sign up for a plan and be credited each month without using the service. To avoid this, take time to review your bank statements each month and check to see if you are still using these services. Cutting down on subscriptions and memberships will simplify your financial life and allow you to use that money towards other products or services that will be of greater benefit to you.
  5. Stop Looking at Your Screen. Now that you have simplified your finances, it is essential to go outside and live your life without the stress of being unorganized. The average American spends half of their day staring at a screen, while that number has only increased during COVID-19 lockdowns. With vaccine rollout, the reopening of businesses, and the loosening of restrictions, there are more opportunities to go outside, put down the screen, and start to experience life on a deeper level. Simplified finances will allow you to spend your money and time on things and experiences that bring you joy.