Building Out Your Productive Summer — Tips for Students

After weeks upon weeks of stressing over deadlines, submitting assignments, and cramming for exams, the light at the end of the tunnel begins to appear a little brighter. It’s almost summer break!

When your long-awaited vacation finally arrives, you realize that the lack of items on your to-do list has left you with a lot of time to fill. With this newfound freedom, the possibilities might seem overwhelmingly endless. Here are just a few ideas you can try throughout your summer break to ensure that these next few months will be both productive and self-fulfilling.

Learn Something New

The thought of jumping back into classes right after a stressful finals season may seem daunting at first, but hear me out. Take advantage of summer courses offered by your university, local community college, or even various online resources. While you can definitely utilize this chance to get ahead on your graduation requirements, there are also a variety of entertaining classes that you can sign up for to learn something new or even discover a new hobby. While learning in the classroom has its own advantages, you may enjoy learning at your own set pace. Some fun ideas to explore are guitar playing, cooking, and even vegetable gardening!

Travel/Study Abroad

For over a year now, the pandemic has put a halt on a lot of people’s summer plans, but the recent availability of the COVID vaccine has offered a lot more opportunities for transportation and travel, whether it be casual roadtrips or booking flights. Additionally, a lot of universities have begun reopening their study abroad and virtual study abroad programs as well. There is no better time than summer break to check out the places that you have been waiting to check off of your travel bucket list. Stay safe and explore!

Develop Your Resume

Now that you are finished with the semester, you can finally take time to reflect and update your resume with all of the new skills you have gained throughout the past semester. If you’re looking to gain even more experience, look into applying for volunteering opportunities, summer internships, or jobs on various career resources such as LinkedIn, AngelList, and Handshake.

Work on Yourself

Outside of academic and professional growth, one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself is focus on personal growth. This can come in a variety of forms, ranging from small lifestyle choices to large scale habit building. Working out, learning a new skill, taking hikes are all productive activities that will keep your mind and body healthy and productive throughout your break. If you’re looking to develop good habits, you can try creating a list of short and long term goals, bullet journaling, or working on your personal finance!